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Fun Hospital looks like an easy game, but in fact it is difficult to master. For a beginner player (before Level 30), getting the hospital strategy right is very important. There are a lot of pitfalls, and if the player does not follow a good strategy, there will be a bad effect to the growth of the hospital. The following guidelines are given to new players who are not familiar to the game, hoping players who follow these guidelines get the game going well and grow their own "fun hospital!"

Suggestions for Hospital Policy Edit

The best setting for low-level players is 70% "visitor flow", "send staff to rest" at 50, "staff stay in designated room" yes. At the beginning of the hospital growth, staff has a low efficiency. Setting the visitor flow to 70% is to maintain the visitor of hospital so that only around 30 patients are staying in the hospital at all times. It will prevent patients from waiting too long and leaving in anger. Setting staff to rest at 50 energy points is to prevent staff from resigning with low mood, but at the same time not going to staff room too often. (Remember to build a staff room in every plot of the hospital.) Placing staff in designated rooms is to let staff with specialty to work in their specialty room all the times, increasing the chances of cure because specialty increases the cure bar by a portion randomly.

Suggestions for Room Placement Edit

Only 1 room is ever needed for each treatment room. 1 room is also enough for Ward and Ultrasonic. Other diagnose rooms can have more rooms depending on the current patient flow. Recommended for 45 level or below is 2 to 3 rooms for GP and Basic Diagnosis. (One of the main quests is to build 4 GP rooms, but please delete the extra rooms after the quest is done.) All other rooms are 2 for each type. The purpose of controlling the number of rooms is to maximize the experience points shared per staff member. If there are too many staff members, each member will receive less experience while the total number of experience points remain the same. This will hinder the level up of staff, making patients harder to cure in the later part of the game.

The diagnostic room can be centrally located in the central area, and the treatment room can be placed in the southern and northern districts because it takes a lot of time for the patient to go from the southern area to the north area.

Starting at the 45th level, the patient will lose the red gear and the red hole in the health care will be used to increase the medical value and work efficiency to reach one division (• ̀ω• ́). The remaining departments can be put into warehouses and left for helicopter crews for a long time, or they can be used when upgrading departments.

Special advice: The stools can be left unattended, because patients sometimes get into the stools far away from the department after lining up and walk back from the benches far away. This wastes a lot of time. Instead of putting stools, patients will queue up outside the door. Yeah! If you are afraid of the patient's mood, you can place several massage benches. The patient who is in a bad mood will use a massage stool to regain his feelings.

Suggestions for Equipment Edit

Blue gear and purple equipment try not to unlock, but if you have money, replace it with high medical skills. If you have orange gear, you can interpret one if necessary. But try not to solve (• ̀ω•́) ✧ because red shoes 45 Level began to have. Red syringes and stethoscopes are available at helicopters 10 and 13 (open at 35 and 50 levels) but are not easily accessible, so orange syringes and stethoscopes can be unlocked as needed. With more money, reception and cleaning staff can replace all the equipment with high work efficiency, without unlocking enough.

Suggestions for Recruitment Edit

Do not casually recruit medical care! The medical skills and work efficiency of health care depends on the level of health care: Level 1 requires 15 medical skills and 12% of work efficiency; Level 2 requires 25 medical skills and 17% of work efficiency; Level 3 requires 35 medical skills and 22% of work efficiency. That is to say, 10 per liter at the medical level and 5% at the level of the working efficiency (maximum 47%). Hand cleaners, work efficiency can be 12%. If you make a mistake, there will be a big impact in the future. Therefore, if you find a staff member who is not qualified, you must change his mind.

Suggestions for Level Up Edit

Playing this game is not recommended for blind upgrades! The goal is to raise the ranks of doctors and nurses to be able to heal disease. It is recommended that only a specified number of patients be treated each day, and emergency rescues, daily tasks, and special patients must not be performed, and offline mode should be turned off, because these tasks will receive a lot of hospital experience, but they will not be able to get any medical staff experience. (In order to get a score in a medical tournament, you can consider 300 points to be perfect, but novices are still not recommended.)

Regularly extract the archive center EXP and donation box money and make good use of time to upgrade each department. If it is too late to resolve the new disease (the medical and medical values of all departments cannot add up to the patient's medical progress), it is recommended that the patient not be treated every day and only the archives center EXP should be extracted so that the related medical care can be upgraded. Continue to treat diseases; if the new diseases and departments are resolved well in the early morning, it is advisable to sell ads to increase the number of patients and to speed up the hospital (but it is still not advisable to sell advertisements only to complete the medical championships). For the remaining patient card, if you press the '+' sign and you don’t have much money, it’s advisable to sell the leaflet advertisement. After you buy the patient, when there are only about 20 leftover patients, you can adjust the flow to 145%, and you can finally get medical treatment. About sixty or seventy patients!) (Note: The purchased patient must be completed before 8 am Hong Kong time, otherwise it will be reset to the daily limit; after 10 advertisements are sold each day, the advertising fee will start to increase.)

Suggestions for Elite Staff Edit

The elite Chinese surgeon and Octopus are 1.5 times more medically valuable than other doctors of the same class (Mr. Claw can play 1.5 times in special games), giving priority to purchase. Albert and Florence will never rest and increase work efficiency, so the second priority. Halle can increase the patient's fees to use certain helicopter tasks (especially the 17th level) that require certain medical benefits. Other elites can wait until these purchases are considered before they buy.