The emergency rescue task starts at level 7 and it is necessary to cure a specified number of patients within a limited time to obtain a large amount of EXP and money, but patients who fail to be cured promptly will die. The patient's medical value is based on the inherent medical value and will not increase.

Time limit - 10 minutes to 14 minutes 30 seconds, the same disease each time limit is different.

Illness - Every few days (a few days to a dozen days), three randomly selected cures can be made. Each illness can only be done once a day. If you want to do more, you can spend 10 diamonds (not recommended, Unless you want to complete 300 perfect missions)

Number of patients - 8 grades 7-16, 9 grades 17-26, and so on (in the study) 80 levels 14

Rewards - to cure each patient with an EXP reward, if you cure all patients (ie perfect), you will receive an additional bonus card (blue, yellow, and purple)

Note: Unless you complete 300 minutes of perfect mission, it is not recommended to do emergency rescue, because only a large number of hospitals to reward the EXP, want to play this game well, it is necessary to remember that it is to increase the medical EXP!

Tip: Before each emergency rescue, you must suspend business, then log out of the game and log in to make sure that no patient is in the hospital, or that the remaining patients and the patient in the hospital = 0, and then go to the patient's guide to check the department the patient will pass through. The doctor with the highest medical skill is transferred to the department, then press the rest button (you cannot pick up the staff, otherwise there will be other staff members entering the department). When there is a health care return section, when the flow of people is adjusted to 145%, you can start the rescue and ensure that all If emergency patients have left the rescue vehicle, they can suspend business. If other patients are in the hospital, they can manually insert emergency patients into the team's head so that they can complete the emergency rescue within a limited time. If the medical technique is still not enough, you can do this: redistribute the equipment to the medical care of the department where the patient will be; if not enough, put the full equipment on a doctor's and nurse's side, and transfer it to the department where the patient wants to go. A department will be drawn to ensure that no one can enter, wait until the last department to complete all the patients, only to lay down a department, and so on, but this game is limited to more than 50lv, medical equipment has red and work efficiency more than 80% can be Use, otherwise, do not accept the challenge is better (*^ー^)